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Reviews for "Madness Diverse"

an epic epic of epic epicness!

nice man.


I love this collab because it is diverse. It not just a madness guy in a room killing everyone. Like xxblinx's second part was amazing and both of missingusernames parts were original and funny :) And why does roadkill keep saying his parts were too fast I thought they were at perfect FPS

XXBlinx responds:

Well that was the idea of making this "Diverse" :] and I don't know why xroadkillx doesn't like his parts it probably because they are much faster than he expected them to be



XXBlinx responds:

Vewy gw8

frinken amzing

that was legendary

XXBlinx responds:

LAL Catz!!!!

overall it was as entertaining as porn

i really liked it. all though the last one was bit scetchy

XXBlinx responds:

Well the last part wasn't really madness but I thought it was nice to end the collab with