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Reviews for "Madness Diverse"

Why would'nt you wait until Madness?

This would've been great for Madness Day 2010. I'm guessing you couldn't wait. Madness Day is September 22, 2010.

XXBlinx responds:

I submited this collab before madness day because I wanted my second award

great collaboration

If you were looking for a large plot of revenge for one faceless madman to be killing many in unbeatable odds. I am sorry to say you have gone the wrong path. This movie has like twenty of those packed into like five minutes.

XXBlinx responds:



For a Madness Collab I loved it. Doesn't beat the original but it is still very good. Next time you create a madness day collab, try make the scenes converge with each other and make it look like one whole movie.

Other than that it was really good, and I will give you a 9.


As far as collabs go, it's not bad.

But as far as Madness goes...it's pretty mundane. Madness is about John Woo'esque gun fights. Instead, in most of these scenes the main character(s) are just milling about, shoot someone here, there, then move on. In movie-type gun fights, characters slide across tables and floors, jump onto rolling chairs to do ride-by shootings, and overall mix acrobatics and grace with the Gun Fu.

I think that's what folks are missing when they immitate Madness...they get all the gore and pummeling, but they leave out the grace...the art of the gun fight.


ZUNDER YOU IMPROVED A LOT!!, this collab is amazing!! :D

XXBlinx responds:

Yeah, zunders parts rocked!