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Reviews for "Madness Diverse"


I have been waiting for this collab to be released for a few weeks now and it was worth it!!! cooldude is awesome and xxblinx has improved so much from his first flash. I hope madness diverse 2 comes out. But you shouldn't let fireexit in madness diverse 2 because his part was about 4 seconds :(
And Dast0so should get of newgrounds because his stuff sucks


Same old, Same old. How boring....

No shit, Dast has spam animations.

As if spam animations were even meant to be taken seriously as movies. As if they even had effort put into them at all.

I don't even really want to review this. I never did. I watched it one time and made jokes to friends about how the name of the collab, "Madness Diverse" was a complete lie.

It's not diverse at all. It's the same shit we've seen over and over again really. The only thing that makes it even slightly diverse is the use of different characters that MIGHT have possibly been drawn by the people who actually made the movies :O :O :O :O

no but really. Not diverse at all. I stopped caring about the quality of madness animations long ago, now, after thousands of madness animations, the only thing that makes them good is originality, and this is what this severely lacks.

Also you lied to me, with the title, so minus even more points.

you guys have the skill, but maybe if you put a little creativity or imagination into it, it might actually be "diverse"

XXBlinx responds:

i see what you mean but some of the parts in this collab were "diverse". Both of missingusernames parts were diverse, my second part was diverse, both of xroadkillx parts were diverse and oneegg's part was diverse. So you cant say the collab wasn't diverse


its amazing a bit nice minigames i wish collabs is like that


that was Awsome with a capital A =D

XXBlinx responds:

Cool with a capital C