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Reviews for "elacsy"

Old NeS game?

Is this a remake of an old NES game? I seem to remember playing one that was like this! Please let me know I'm very interested :) I think it was called "something" 1982 or something like that.

Anyway, AWESOME game, its smooth, and JUST like a classic!


Needs lives or a health bar, seems strange to have to start the whole game over after getting hit only once and immediately dying. Nice game though.

Pretty fun and all

But really, even the exact same controls as Touhou Project? :/
Couldn't you like....mention it at least, I mean, seems pretty fishy.

Radix responds:

There are about ten thousand bullet hell shooters. It's a broader genre than just 1942 and toohoos, guys.

Well it looks pretty cool for 10 mins...

But as you realize there's not a whole lot of difference between hard and easy, you give up...

i liked it but,

there where a few things, i scored very low, i couldn't get past the first segment of ships lol thats the only reason GREAT job!!