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Reviews for "elacsy"


It's good, but starting and re-starting the game is annoying and takes too much effort and time. Why isn't there just a "replay" button? Does it really have to annoy me with a "type in your name" dialogue that no one cares about, and then having to select the difficulty and then the mode and whatever, using a combination of the mouse and the keyboard? Can't I just replay with one click? Or then give me more than 1 life so that I don't have to go through the damn menu every time I die!

similar to another game

last time i played game named Touho, is too similat like this one. still is creative and all and has the same dificulty


slow down hardly slowed down... idk i didn't like it the sprites' graphics could have been upgraded...

So close, but no cigar

this game would have a lot of promise as a Japanese style shmup, with the amount of projectiles on screen and the "slow time down" feature. but the game requires some weapon upgrade system such as the mechanic used in the raiden series where upon defeating enemies a weapon upgrade may come out. or just a generic upgrade tree with ex. spread shot, shoot behind, etc.

i feel that this game is good but could be better. having no weapon options really make the game difficult. one person below me suggested having a life bar, but i disagree with that. i think that you should keep it where one enemie projectile will kill you and just make some sort of weapon upgrade system ( i suggest a raiden or any other side scrolling shooter style)

This game is really fun, but without even a simple weapon upgrade system, of just a stronger weapon instead of the weapon now, it really hinders the gameplay of the game.

synopsis: game could be better but is good, all it needs is a weapon upgrade system

difinateley upgrades

and a story would be nice