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Reviews for "elacsy"

I don't know

The graphic wise is kept simple so I'm ok with that. Storyline wise is none.

I got to be honest here, but my main problem is the gameplay, even on Easy, I find it still extremely hard. :( Fun but too difficult and could make casual gamers feeling noobish. Sorry, can't give high ratings on this one.


Srsly :P am i really the only one from Denmark here O.o


im the only american in this game


This game reminds me of my old nes game 1943 or i thinks thats the name. looks alot like... i wonder if i still have that game... oh yeah your game is awesome.

Great game

I belive I've seen something like this somewhere before, i just can't remember where. I entered MADMAN and got a boss plane right off the bat. LOL WUT?!