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Reviews for "elacsy"

very good but need improvements

no upgrade, a little bit too slow. but quite good anyway


type in nothing and there is giant planes everywhere instantly

Great game

If you want to to first medal fast do my level:xxcxxc there k7 is almost at start

Mediocre means average, or almost average.

Everything is WAY too slow. Your ship, the enemy ships, the bullets. I'm sorry but for a game like this I shouldn't feel like I'm playing in slow motion. And hard mode dosn't seem to improve the speed much if at all.. From what I've seen it just throws a plethora of move aggressive ships at you. (Which is probably what hard mode should be.. But I'm just commenting on your PS.)

Maybe I gave up too soon, (1400 points on hard mode before I got bored and rammed my plane into a ship) but I didn't see a single power up. I honestly prefer getting upgraded guns depending on points but drop able power is acceptable. But for the love of god if you're going to add multiple gun types please please please don't let me fear them.. To clarify I hate when the lv1 red power up overwrites the lv3 blue.. Ideally there would be 10 levels in each color where you can switch between them freely or a single 10 level gun path.

One Life... No health. It'd be a lot more fun if you cranked the difficulty up through the room but gave a health bar (and I don't mean 3 blocks on health) something like 30 health. I think the one life high health model works the best because designers feel the need to put in heavy penalties for losing a life (IE you're stuck on the boss with a squirt gun because all your power ups flew out into the deep vastness of outer space when you died).

Top down.. This is perfect, I can't stand the left right shooters.

Your gun... It seemed a bit.. Weak. To counter act this the fire rate was high but there was no reason to ever take your hand off the fire button (unless you didn't want to make the little guys drop bombs... but that's way too easy to dodge). Perhaps if there were some legitimate reason to stop firing at points? A boss who has armored points that retaliate... A shell that grows to releases more when hit.. Something besides a enemy with a farewell present that can be easily ignored.

Speaking of bosses there's that flying fortress but it's not that epic, and it's not that interesting. And it comes from the bottom... When the boss takes up so much of the screen you're sitting there waiting for it to get far enough that you can take a chance to get behind it meanwhile the 100 other ships makes it near impossible to squeeze through the crack between their fire and the boss.. That's not a great design. It's difficult but not in the challenging way.. More like.. in the gimmicky way.

Which leads to my next point.. This game had no gimmicks (Erm well distinguishing points anyway). The enemy attacks were all pellets, some exploded, and some were smaller then others.. You had a standard attack and it just seemed stale.. Getting points for grazing bullets is kinda cool but it's not gonna make me say "WOW I Love this game!".

Was the custom level thing supposed to be the catch? It seems kind of stale just to have the player seed your RNG. At the very least I'd like to see some sort of AI for the player going through part of the 'custom level' as a preview before I start and realize there's a flying fortress from the first 5 seconds with several ships all shooting at the only way to get behind it..

That reminds me.. Why can't I shoot behind me? That'd be a nice feature.. It doesn't make sense but neither does grabbing cargo out of the air.

Anyway the game was well made, just not interesting and seemed to have some issues with design. Keep making games and improving!


I sorta liked this game, and I know this type of game is supposed to be challenging, but I have played several different games like this, and they are not as hard as this.

But, I am not just gonna go THIS SUX BECUZ IT'S HARD DURR!!1

I honestly thought this was a decent game, just a little too difficult.