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Reviews for "elacsy"

Game is meh...

A shooter with one weapon, no upgrade system and no interesting mechanics.
Play for five minutes an you've pretty much seen everything there is to see.
I did like the minimalist art style though, so you get a seven instead of five.

Someone's been playing 1942

Right? Riiiiiight?

That's all I was thinking about while playing this. A one-life, color-drained version of 1942.

Not bad. Not good. I'll call this one a 'Meh'.

its great

its an awsome game but only one life really at least have check points other than that awsome game dude.

This is such a good game!

But I also hate it for the sole reason I cant get past level 1... XD its really fun though and I love it alot!


If you would ad a lifebar AND an upgrade system than I'm totally into your game but that way it's kinda boring, it looks awsome but the replay value tends to zero.