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Reviews for "elacsy"


The main problem I had was that it is massively unresponsive. It seemed to hardly ever do what I told it, or go where I needed it to go.


The nostalgia of playing 1942 back in the day is awesome. I actually beat that whole game. You beat the game and it just says "congratulations" on a black screen lol. Anyway, well done I enjoyed it.

Pretty decent

I kinda liked the game. Nothing all that special, although the nostalgia to that old arcade shooter 1941 (or was it 1942 that I'm thinking of?). A generally fun bullet 'hell' game, although there are much harder out there. The old-school feel, and the level generator are the best parts of it for me. Good game though, all in all!

suck it up

this game is hard but a lot of fun, everyone just needs to suck it up and stop complaining.

Sometimes impossible

Getting instagibbed by any one dot means that if there are too many dots on the screen at one time, or the dots are arranged in such a fashion that you are trapped, then every once in a while you'll be in a situation that is impossible to survive, which really hurts the fun.

So something to help with that would be good. Perhaps a health bar.

The generated level idea was good. If you make another version, make sure to keep that.