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Reviews for "elacsy"


I like the game alot, although it seems to lack in action. Otherwise great game!

What a bunch of pansies.

This game is great, the only reason people dont like it is because they suck.

Seems like they've never played a Touhou game before.

Not bad

Pretty good, but the gameplay was obviously ripped off of 1942 Capcom for the NES. The original was a lot better in my opinion. Still, this is your first game so you did pretty good.

I'm in love!

I was so disappointed after I saw that Frantic shit, thinking "WOW, is this the best the internet can manage with flash games?"

Thank you so much, you've given me hope for a less boring world of flash games.


normally I don't rate games but this was just awful. srry man it has a good base but either i suck at it or there is way to much at once. health would be perfect so i can do the classic grit-turn to prevent myself from being trapped and only take like 1 hit.