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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


Love the bullets follow mouse!


Greatly addicting game. I think everyone can appreciate the challenge, if they have the patience or not. Could only get myself to level 16 before I got too pissed and started yelling lol. But great job on the game, music/graphics/ect.

VicBiss responds:

Good job :D and thanks. The trick to level 16 is to shoot like five rockets and have them circling around your mouse near the spikes at the bottom and to move them into the ground as you fall into the explosions, if that made any sense, haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it / hated it :)

Good game

Its good considering you rushed I love how the rocket follows the mouse also

VicBiss responds:

Why thank ya


this game is awesome and ridiculously harder the further u go

VicBiss responds:

Thank you! And yeah :)

great game btw

if you guys want to reset push the spacebar...

VicBiss responds:

Somebody knows how to read :)