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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

Fun Except one thing

It was fun but weres the reset button?

VicBiss responds:

Press Space

I suck

I couldn't even get past the the sixth level...tried twice, ran out of rockets both times...that wall-jumping's some hard work

VicBiss responds:

Sorry dude, :( thanks for the 8 anyways though :)

Switch jump?

Not sure how to switch jump think i missed something so im stuck on lvl 13. All in all good game

VicBiss responds:

shoot the switch while it's under you and use the explosion to knock you the rest of the distance.


Yea nice and fun game wish it had a save function or level select tho so I didn't have to start over.

VicBiss responds:

Sowwy :(

Cool Idea for ROBOT DAY!

cool game nice ideas for puzzles. its challenging and there are a good amount of levels-- well over 20.

only 8 stars because
1: the game gets repetitive, and only a few controls.
2: the color and background is a little boring. add some vibrance!!!

great game overall! hope to see more games from you

VicBiss responds:

Thank you :) I've got a new game comin out pretty soon