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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


it was simple but fun its hard but i finished the game (with cheats well kind of first right click and click "avanzar" wel my pc is in spanish)

VicBiss responds:

Yeah I just realized you could cheat a little bit ago, fixed it haha, and thanks :D

yeah i kno but its a good game


Just got Back for the NG Offices

As some of you may know there was a little get together at the Newground's Office for Robot Day. I was there, we basically just sat around new movies and played games, this was one of them, In fact it became a mission to try and beat. The type of mouse they used was difficult so basically two people were playing the game at once. For an hour straight than we took a break. We still haven't beaten it.

This game is so frustrating when playing alone but with a group is fun as hell. The whole building cheers when we passed a level.A good time with friends if you have a large enough screen. Great concept, but just too damn hard.

VicBiss responds:



lol it's a GREAT game but I recommend a restart button for the ppl who get stuck... just saying.... anything besides that great game man

VicBiss responds:


so close

level 10 is to hard for me i almost get to the top but fail nice game though

VicBiss responds:

You got this man