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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

i like u

i like how u respond to the comments people give...i wouldve given the game an 8 but u seem nice and i like the music but the game is too hard at times thx though for the game

VicBiss responds:

lol np man. Yeah sorry bout it bein so hard, I think I just got so good at the game while I was testing it that I made the levels for me and not people new to the game, haha. Thanks for the 10.


The rocket following could be a little less shaky, however. Also, level 10 took me about 150 tries to beat... That was ridiculous. Good work though. Maybe a more polished sequel :3? I liked it.

VicBiss responds:

Possibly :) and thanks

Lvl 14

couldn't get past secons spikes. awesome puzzle game. really liked it.

VicBiss responds:

You gots to explosion jump above the spikes then wall jump twice and land on the right platform. It's pretty rough though :/. And thank you!


The only thing i would like is a sandbox mode or a map builder with infinite rockets

VicBiss responds:

I'll look into that

Am I seeing the wrong thing or is it real

lolz... This game is soo great I thought I was dreaming

Author pls Respond cuz you rock

VicBiss responds:

Wow? Really? Thanks so much dude!