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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


Impressive game for one days work, maybe a bit more msic but for one day who could complain, .......you best not be kiddin bout dem nudes of megan fox

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude

Really fun idea.

The wall jumping is a little more tricky than it needs to be. I didn't even bother with level 10.

VicBiss responds:

Haha, I know you can do it man :)


Very hard.Just hard (Level 10 is impossible !).

VicBiss responds:

Nothing is impossible :)


I think people are complaining too much about this game. I beat it in about 30 or so minutes, it was quite hard, but not impossible. Honestly I think the difficulty was fine: harder than most games, but if you spend a while on a level, you'll get it. I also think the games runs pretty smoothly, contrary to what some people think -- it's not choppy or glitchy, except maybe the occasional rocket that doesn't fire when I click, but that's kinda rare. I had no problem with walljumping after a bit of practice. Graphics could be better and everything could be a bit more polished, but it's a good game.

VicBiss responds:

Thanks alot man :)

A nice new take on platforming.

The graphics are alright, but graphics don't make the game. The music is nice too, but all is average. That is, except the gameplay. The gameplay is new and something I have yet seen. Having your rockets follow your mouse involves some puzzle/problem solving making this more than just a platformer. I can't wait to see other versions of this game.

VicBiss responds:

Why thank you :D