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Reviews for "Tropical Dragon Slaughter"


kills some time till ya get bored of the same thing, but btw whats the name of the song on "the deep" level?

ill pass

its a nice try, but its damn aggravating when the coins that scores the points flys in every direction but twords your ship, i like hard games but not when its hard in the cheap way

nice game

the guy below(ILikeToast3rs) should look at the menu, where it says cleerly that the graph's are from Taryan and hard vacuum, so what the author is aware of that.

Points for effort

It's all right. Nice start but it was missing an upgrade system. I realize there are those red things, but not a high enough drop rate and not enough variety (I'm pretty sure all they do is double shot). Also the whole thing got a bit repetitive after the first 4 deaths or so.


Decent fun little arcade style shooter game. Wish it had a little more though. And @ILikeToast3rs, it straight up says in the bottom left corner of the game menu, (With Graphics from the "Tyrian" and "Hard Vacuum" Collections by Daniel Cook.