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Reviews for "Tropical Dragon Slaughter"

Touhou all over again



A fun game based on an amusing premise. I liked how each area contained its own kind of difficulty instead of just ratcheting it up every time you played a different one. I just can't stop playing it...@_@

Great sequel!

This is a perfect example of taking people's recommendations to heart.

It's a great game and has fantastic replay value!

hmm i thought it was ok

i was playing it and figured the reviewers below me talking about tyrian were just saying that because they liked a similar game (never played it), untill i saw the reference in the menu :/
not bad, but if your going to bother copying something at the very least dont leave it as a shadow of the original

at least i cknow about tyrian now

Tyrian, except not nearly as good

I remember Tyrian from when I was in elementary school and I played it a LOT on my old Acer computer. I loved the game. So I'm going to be comparing you to that, which was made in 1995. This game copied some of the graphics... but didn't copy any of the fun factor. This game was overall pretty boring because you really can't do anything. It's just a shoot and dodge, and besides the ship, the gun, the coins/diamonds, which you copied, the graphics for everything else are pretty lame.