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Reviews for "Tropical Dragon Slaughter"


You had everything right, EXCEPT!

You need to change one thing. Either have an upgrade menu for your ship. Or the upgrades you get from the enemies are permanent.

I got very annoyed with the whole "upgrade" system

I was like "YUS" when I got an upgrade, then it just went away, I was like "WTF!"
It was seriously lame.

BUT other then that.. the game was allgoods.. I guess.

frag yeah, tyrian!

just for making this game based on tyrian, i am giving you full score. tyrian was one of the best games of the DOS age, and it greatly pleases me to see that i'm not the only one who loves it.

good game

simple game with good music love it


this game was very fun it is challenge yet addictive very body should give this 10 out of ten stars.it is awesome

Fine but unorignal

Graphics are OK (hello Tyrian sprites)
Sound is good.
Physical engine do the tricks too.

- Nothing new
- Only one upgrade
- Mouse controlled ? Really ? IMO every other controller on earth are more suited than a freaking mouse for a scroller/avoider. At least give us the choice.