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Reviews for "Tropical Dragon Slaughter"


One upgrade... and it goes away in a little while. That's not good. You should have more upgrades and allow them to stack if they're only going to last 10-20 seconds.. .

You need to stop spawning new enemies right on top of the guy too.

I see no reason to try for a high score.

Holy snot

Where's the music for this?!?


the two people below me are idiots

Not original or fun.

This isn't the worst game I've played, but it's pretty bad. The graphics were odd, I don't understand why I was constantly shooting, or why I was shooting white blocks, and blocks of ice, or why the powerups or whatever didn't work.

The sound track didn't really fit in my opinion, and the sprites didn't really work with the backgrounds. Nice try, next time go for something a bit different.

Try Again

Originality: 2
Repetativeness: 3
Playability (aka: Fun Factor): 2

Thanks, but no thanks.