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Reviews for "Tropical Dragon Slaughter"

Not as good as...

Tyrian. The game which you used to make this. Partially a rip off but still fine on itself. Though if you are used to Tyrian this game is nothing and you will beat everything in just one try making this game lose his replayability rather fast.

Not too bad

It's not a bad game at all, it's rather fun once you get into it and the music and graphics are good too, though I really kinda wish I could buy upgrades or something and that the power-ups weren't so quick to disappear after I get them (that and more power-ups would be nice too, considering how hard some of the levels gets being able to shoot in three lines or on all four sides would be good. If those were possible then the limited time wouldn't be so bad). Still, overall it's a really fun game.

Let Down

You used graphics from Tyrian, text from Tyrian, and it played like Tyrian. I was disappointed to find out that it had none of the depth or fun factor. Oh well, it's well programmed, and it won't matter to people who never played Tyrian.

Pretttty gooodd =))

i wish u could use the keyboard though and that the power up was permanent. :)

Pretty fun.

Keeps on my feet.