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Reviews for "Tropical Dragon Slaughter"

great job

i liked the idea for the scoring and reward system... its kinda hard on a laptop tho. and its difficult that you cant attack behind you

Tyrian, BUT...

Looks like Tyrian but isn't nearly as good.
It's a nice game, but lacks content.

good but....

yeah the diffeculty goes up crazy fast not a a bad thing as such but since you can't take a hit and your weapon is kinda shit you need to do something about that but in generaly i love the graphics and the music sweet goats bread where can i get that music that is by far the biggest plus in this game music that fits with both gameplay and the general style of this game so yeah thumbs up from me

Interesting, but not expected

Autofire was a nice touch for a side scrolling shooter. However, I'd prefer more variety in powerups, or at least for powerups to only disappear at the bottom of the screen. Bouncing powerups are hard to follow.

The idea is there it just needs work

The graphics are reasonable, but most of the time they hinder the game play as some of the object that kill you blend in with the background which is blurry enough as it is. Then to make things even better you have one gun that can barely do anything on some levels and is perfect for others. There is only one upgrade and it does not last long enough to make me want to get it because i often die getting it and without it i die anyway because the gun is not powerful enough after some time.
If you can find a way to fix these things and tweak the music a little bit as there is little variety after playing for a bit then this could be a fun game.