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Reviews for "Tropical Dragon Slaughter"

Awesome... in a way...

Arcade gamers and High-score beaters would love to play this game... unfortunately, I'm not one of the, but fortuanately, I like this...^^... keep it up...

short, but sweet

Fun game, i liked the auto-fire, and the coins and upgrades were a nice touch


It has that Eruption structure to it but more augmented. Now you shoot @ stuff without having to click (or if you want to,) it makes it even more fun. I liked the diversity between the levels and the title of course. 5/5.

Really fun game

Really fun game . I like the music there is for it and there are different types of things to doge in the 4 levels. Also each level gets harder the longer you live. I also like the lava level the most because... well i will not say players can see it when they play the game.

There was only one thing i kind of did not like was how short the game is. usually I don't care how long a game is but I would have like to seen more levels because all the levels where fun.

Any ways like i said really fun game so ill give it a 5/5

This is addicting.

I like the simple, yet fast-paced gameplay in this.