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Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2010"

awwwww why no co :( there's room!!!


i loved the creativity (with the slight exception of JPB's part :/)

arty and mark are the most talented in this group as far as i'm concerned

this was alot of fun

im glad to have been a part ;)

(but honestly... why no co?)

Timsplosion responds:

Well, if you check your buddy requests, you should see that I've sent you one. You need to accept that request before I can add you as a co-author...


i must have missed MarkSW's preview in the forum but it was my favourite :D
good job guys


cool but the link to my page doesnt work

Timsplosion responds:

Should be fixed now.

Wow O_O

Simply epic in it's awesomeness and randomness.

Gotta love it =D


Way better than the last one... the animations quality rocketed way up high with this one :D
My favorites are: Fredstermaster, Hound of Soundwave, Dante224, and JPB (wait... what?) LOL!

Timsplosion responds:

Man, I found it really hard to choose favourites this year. Everyone was just so consistently good. Made choosing co-author's pretty damn annoying.