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Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2010"


Thats talent and potential right there =] kudos for the good video

Highly enjoyable

I loved it, and I do understand why it was a disjointed group of sketches. All I say is amazing.


It was simply a bunch of bad Animation that were nothing but scriblles.
The only parts that were good were FredMaster's and MarkSW.

Very cool

I realy like that drawing guys!!! Good ideas u have there.


Well, I certainly can't say the animation was bad, but apart from that, it was very ... lacking.

It was only mildly entertaining in some parts, and boring in others. It wasn't funny, moving, or anything really. It lacked a central plot or common idea.
Honestly, it just seemed like a bunch of tests. If you guys had put your talents and time to better use, making this collab funny, or make it a story collab, then it would have been much, much better, but unfortunately, you made ... this.

I hope next time you don't waste 11 more months on a giant, pointless, animation test.

Timsplosion responds:

The whole idea of the collab was to reflect what images scribbled in a sketchpad may look like if animated. I dunno about you, but my sketchpads are pretty damn random.

It seems that people like you have forgotten to enjoy the animation just for the animation. Even if this collab HAD a central plot, humour, or was emotionally moving, none of that would matter if the animation was crap. And that's what the Sketch Collab is and was, a celebration of the magic behind the plots, the humour and all else that goes into a flash cartoon, and that magic is the animation. The ability to create the illusion of movement, and to express ideas, whether they be plain as day or extremely abstract through a medium so unique and yet so common, and THAT is our central theme and the common idea and our inspiration for the animated art works you see.