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Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2010"

That was awesome! :D:D

You guys are da shiz! Srsly, evryones parts were awsome, it was rly like the drawins in a sketchbook came 2 life!


I'm an asshole. You know why? Because I thought a good percentage of the animators hanging around the Collaboration Forums these days were incompetent douches with no imagination. All it took were a good five parts and my mind kept repeating "awesome sauce" over and over.

Let me start from the top. The preloader was just a taste of what was to come. I wrote it off unconsciously as uninteresting and hit the Play button once it appeared. I just thought it was going to be a wannabe scetchbook collab of drawings. No, these were animations of those drawings. Wordless animations that don't rely on narrative to move forward. Like pencil and paper drawings with not much meaning to people other than who drew it, that come to life doing their own thing. There didn't need to be any backstory or hidden jokes. It was all inspired work. Stuff the animators just did because they felt like it.

What really made this collab shine was the music. The music which seemed to "fit" with what was going on. Even though there would be no logical explanation for that. It's the kind of music I would put on while I'm working on Flash. Speaking of which, I better download that.

The ending was also brilliant. Sure, we could just say "the end" and "thanks for watching". But Mr...Swishcheese went ahead and turned it into something epic. Give that man a cigar for his work there. Everybody in this collab deserves an A for their effort.

Oh, and I heard about all the drama between this collab and the Game Trailer Collab. I enjoyed both of them greatly. But I'm much more glad this one exists, for it renewed my faith in today's animators, which was depleting greatly from a lot of what I was seeing.

Just one question. Will there be a Sketch Collab 2011? :)

Timsplosion responds:

This is likely my favourite, possibly the best, review I've ever had. I'm not entirely sure how to respond, other than this:
There will be a Sketch Collab 2011.

nice job

it was ok good work but it was boring

Highly Enjoyable

I love collabs, especially ones like these.
Where talent, and experimentation meet, the result is impeccable.
Great job everyone who worked on it and provided us with top notch entertainment. :D

Very good.

I found this collab very good.
I admired how one object or character would have it's part, and then suddenly it turns into something else. It was euphoric to the eye with the special transitions and drawing effects. The music I found was quite good too. It matched the animations with a somewhat profoundly mysterious atmosphere.
Goob job.