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Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2010"

good job

i liked it but MarhSW's comics or sketches were just weird so i have to give u a 9

Above average

Sketches were cool, but the music kinda ruined it all. When i clicked on it, i was hoping for something awesome and i did get it, but then i turned on my speakers and it wasn't that good anymore.
Still, good job. Great collab.

Pretty good

The overall collab quality was pretty good, so props to everyone who worked on the collab.

One thing I did notice that was a bit different than the previous sketch collabs is that the parts didn't really seem to sync with the music very well.

There seemed to be a lack of fluidity because of that.

But that may just be me.

Anyways, good job on another successful Sketch Collab.

(=<Review Request Club>=)

I like it the mouse of loading part, its a detail obviously but this type of things make flashes better. Also nice idea that i could draw in the menu, it was really awesome made the preloader and the menu :P

Comics man was really poor he didnt made a lot
Yhtomit was more completely
Fredstermaster was even more completely
I really liked Artyluck, he is a great animator, but he made somethin really random
The peanutshark was good too, but it broked the black and white stetic
Jpb wasnt so awesome but, nice work.
I can draw was very poor, didnt made something amazing.
Mark Sw has a really nice style, i really like it.
Airfarie is an awesome animator, really, it was very nice, if it wousnt an sketch it would be more awesome.
Hound of sound wave was ok, it has a nice animation and i like it... Also it was large :p
Seranatis didnt put a lot of effort i think
Daniel H did a nice work, really good animator for sketch animations.
Swishcheese was ok, could be improved with better animation.
And finally the credits was ok
I think that the best artist were Yhtomit, Artyluck and Airfarie
Maybe isnt the best because they are sketch, but well that was the idea.

Best regards and sorry for my english (my native language is spanish),
(=<Review Request Club>=)


I loooove sketchez!!!1!!!