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Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2010"

Review Request Club

I thought there was lots of imagination in the whole thing and I loved it all but first to say, I personally liked MarkSW's stuff the best but here we go.

I thought the art was good but nice transition how it was all different people's style of it so I had nice feeling there but what happened to drawing on the loading screen? That would have been cool but nice hand cursor effect in the but I was also amazed at how fast you did this from last year's because I think 2009's was in December or something so good job getting it done really fast and trust me, If I had enough money to buy flash, I would enter this thing.

I don't think it was a good idea to include sound in some of them because it was hard to hear it with all of the music playing and such so try not to include sound in them next time and just keep it to the music but I still think that this was a very well done collab and I liked how some of the things turned into something else but it got repetitive soon so ty to keep them like different more because all of them looking the same and animated the same gets boring so try and mix it up a bit.

I thought the music was very fitting with the whole submission but like I said before, try to keep it with just the music but I guess it should be time to go to the overall.
I thought the whole thing was great and I have always been a fan of the sketchbook and the sketch collabs and all of the others so this was a great addition but I really loved it!

~Review Request Club~


Great job!

I enjoyed this submission quite a lot. As RogerBK said, well-done collabs are really awesome, and this is no exception. There really isn't much wrong with this, good job!

The animation on the whole was smooth. The animation of some artists such as Icandraw's or JPB's could do with some work, but overall the animation was very cool and smooth. The same can be said for the graphics of the submission: I really liked the notepad style of the submission, and the graphics on the whole were great, even for sketches, although there were a few artists who could've done some better sketches. I think my favourite from all of the artists would either be MarkSW or Airfaerie95.

The concept is a very good and original one as far as I know, and the flash itself was really well done. I liked that it was so random yet never really was too weird, and the amazing animation transitions from one thing to another was really fun to watch. This collab was really fast-paced and never got boring, which is one of the reason's why it's so enjoyable. Preloader was also awesome. The only defect I can find other than the few artists who could've worked a little more would be the links to the artists' pages not working. These are the links which either took you to a wrong page or do nothing when clicked:

The audio was perfect and really added to the submission. The sound effects were also good, but man, the song that you chose fit flawlessly with this submission, so excellent job over there. Loved the audio :D.

In general, this is a great collab. Other than the defects of artist links not working and the fact that some of the artists' works could be a bit better, this is a perfect submission which I enjoyed watching from beginning to end. Keep up the outstanding work.

-Review Request Club-

its ok! =)

honestly i thought this was going to lame like all the others but i was wrong this is the best i seen out of all of them this one rocks XD

Awesome Collab

Man, I simply love well-done collabs, and I loved this one, since it doesn't have known artists, and that's good for their career as an animator, since this gave them an opportunity to show their best work and to prove that NG isn't only from Luis, Egoraptor, Explosm and other animators...

The flash had great animators, and it had great animations, and the song really gave a nice athmosphere to the flash, I simply loved the wasy it was executed, you guys did a great job here, great animations and new NG talented authors, this collab is really important to NG... It deserves more than 3.90...

But, anyways, you made a great job, nice song and great artwork... I simply loved that, I can't wait for the next one, keep it up w/ the good job guys!!!

(Review Request Club)

Amazin' :D

such coordinated randomness is comendable ^^
is there going to be another one?