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Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2010"


Overall, i enjoyed it. I never heard the original music choice so i couldn't give a vote in, yet i think it was the right choice as it sounded good and fitted well with the feel of the animation :D
Also everybody did great, and now thats two i've been in >.> i've gotta make sure i'm in 2011 and i step up my game!
Great work guys :D love it all :p

'S cool.

I like it.. Wel, most of it.. So we're all good. :]


My mind... it is blown O.O


Random Awesomeness!!

Timsplosion responds:

Either that or awesome randomness!

Random Awesomeness!

This was fabolous! Respect to all the artists who contributed to this flash. It´s funny how you can see how different each artist is, but they were all equally good.
Great job you guys!

Timsplosion responds:

I think the variety in styles is probably one of the best things about collabs, that's why we keep making them. Thanks a lot. :D