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Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2010"

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Really nicely done, overall. Obviously there's a great amount of work that's gone into this, and that's definitely to be commended. And a fair few of these were really outstandingly done, which is always nice to see.

Like a couple of other people have said, I think maybe if there was some kind of theme to follow or vague story to base a flash on this would have been a little more coherent...not that this is bad for not having pieces related to eachother, but I think having a theme other than what it's 'drawn' on may be an idea to consider.

I liked the music, but it drowned out the one or two flashes which had sound effects, so I think either you should have not had sound effects, or had the music turned down a little for the ones WITH sound effects, so people could hear what was being said a little more. Or even just a mute music button would've been good, because while the music's alright, it may not be to everyone's taste, and no-one complains about having a mute button available.

Really nicely done, overall. Congrats on the daily first, and guess we'll see you next year for Collab '11? :)

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Good collab

Well, there are some masterpieces in this collab, that's for sure. I especially liked the "spiderman" tribute in the warm up.

Also, the preloader is awesome. I like how the hand cycles around the paper (i.e. the arm points to the top when the mouse pointer is at the top of the screen and so on). This is a pretty good idea.

Some of the pieces where a bit fast paced so it was sometimes difficult to understand what was going on there. But overall it's a very good collab.

Also congrats on the Daily Featuer! :)

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Yeah, it was pretty good. :)

~ Animation/Graphics ~

There were very few that were on the lower side of the quality spectrum and a few that were on the high quality side as well. The majority stuck around the middle side. For the most part things looked great though and you never let anything in that was terrible so all around this collab was very pleasing to the eyes. :)

~ Story/Content ~

Perhaps it would have been nice for it to follow some sort of theme? It was nice being random like that, but sometimes a theme is good as well. I liked that a couple of them were quite funny. The exploding/really random ones made me laugh a little bit. There were also some nice ones that had some deeper meaning to them. There were a couple of random ones that were kind of boring though.

~ Audio ~

I love the music that you had for this collab. It really seemed to fit well with the animation. The ones that used sound effects were very out of place though. I think it would be better if the requirement was everyone used sound effects or nobody used sound effects.

~ Overall ~

Most were good, a few were boring and on the lower quality side. A theme might be nice, but some were funny with the random style. Music was good, but make a requirement about the audio in some fashion.

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Well, that's blown me away

What can I say - you guys always come up with really interesting piece that make me think. The only real issue I have with pieces like this don't have much plot, which would certainly be the next step - advancing the piece so that all of you work together on one or two plot lines which integrate really well.

I want to concentrate on two parts that really got my attention - I'm not going to say that no-one else deserves a mention, that would be a lie, but these two authors were my personal favourites:

fredstermaster, with the abstract piece of a man staring at a bomb, before raining chinks of himself over another man, before having a piano dropped on his head and finally a bulldozer. It's a simple little progression, but the level of intricate detail with the piano falling apart, the splattering gore and finally the bulldozer made it look great. I'll have to check out some of your other works.

MarkSW almost took this piece to the next level single handedly. The pseudo 3D animation that accompanied this piece took it well away from the more traditional frame by frame that most other people have used. I think that the way parts of the people don't have limbs where you would expect and have them crop up in other places is very reminiscent of Yellow Submarine / Monty Python's Flying Circus. Terry Gilliam's animation is always off the wall and this seems to embody that, but with a better finished drawing style.

If anything, I was a little put off by the thick blue lines - to counter this, sketch paper could be made in a brown and textured form, allowing us to have a different, softer look to the piece. I'd certainly appreciate it.

Finally, get a change button for the music and / or just a mute button, it would seriously help!

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This is really good, I really enjoyed watching it. I'm glad my song got used in this and not something dumb lol.