Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

As expected another quality release

Congrats on another epic release from the lucidrine crew! I share the same sentiment that if this doesn't get frontpaged, it'll be doing this entry an injustice.


i got all the rune achievements cept 1...

were is the hidden button?

Pretty damn addicting

The mechanics are clean and simple, the graphics are great, the style is awesome, and the game is all around fun.
This is at the same level as games like Runescape.
The idea is fantastic and done very well and the music is great.
The only small problem is that the characters occasionally get stuck on the little rivers, but that's easily fixed by pressing sift.

Overall, this game gets a 10 in all areas. It's flawless.
Hope to see good work from you in the future.


i like it 10/10

Wow. This game surprised me!
After all, where else can you find a game in which there are elements of RPG, strategy, adventure, really addictive player, the battle system is great, beautiful graphics and music is pleasant?
The originality of this game excels. It is not one of those games you've ever heard the sound effects thousands of times, is tired of seeing the same battle system, upgrade weapons and levels.
Definitely an original game.