Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

Superb work, you deserve a 20!

As soon as the game loaded, it reminded me of the Mana Khemia :D
After my first battle, i was hooked.Finished year one with most of the achievements.Also, i advise you to listen to them, this flash beats some
GBA and DS titles by a longshot.By the way you get an extra 10 because of the
voice acting!


it would be great if this game will be transferred on some consoles.....the only thing I think difficult is the fame system..... but aside from that its 2 thumbs up

Needs a free play mode

Freeplay or easier fame upgreades would be grate, awesome game tho 5/5 10/10

Hard to level

It's hard to get different classes. And I only get 2 classes, Duelist and Mirage caster. Do you get more classes after you level past duelist and mirage caster???

it seemed pointless...

it was really a great game but it lacked a final goal, and rather than getting more challenging each month it got easier.

the music was great, so was the animation, it was a very fun game overall that was the only reason i didnt give it a ten, great work.