Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"


couldn't stop playing but i think you should add a no fame mode


its great and all but i can really figure out the battles. it doesnt look like their all attacking am i supposed to make them attack individually?

this was

just totally awsome and REALLY addicting but could REALLY be fitted with a story or something and you should REALLY think about a sequel 5/5 10/10 and right to fav :P

Fix your medals

This game is awesome... but seriously... can't u fix the broken medals?

Old School Jrpg with a twist :O

I Found that this game was enjoying but frustrating at first as it was much like final fantasy 13 as you only can control 1 character at a time, and it took me like 12 hours to actually beat a tournament with uberly rigged 2 gunslingers and 2 duelers but it was fun to actually beat it non the less as a long this is much like a rpg and rts game. I think the reason it didn't have much of a impact (rts part) as becuase i am very much use to rts and its intensity but i think you got the right amount of hardcore and the average gamer in there. Unfortunatly the medals were for hard mode lol. And i found it to have a steep learning curve as it took me forever to get anywhere, Early on i felt i have to stick units on the water and then get kills without getting hit :O.

Gameplay 8/10
Controls at first felt stuck and didn't held your hand enough (steep learning curve)

Music 10/10
Very Classical yet modern medieval jrpg music (Japaneses rpg)

Lasting Impression 7/10
Good game just takes forever to go anywhere

Replay Value 10/10
Like i said before it took me a while to get anwhere so its going to take even longer to finish everything (achievements)

Graphics 10/10
Felt like a snes rpg well done

Oh and finally if you want to get fame (its on the description page =/) graduate your charaters it means you loose them but you get more money each week

Overall 9.5
Reminds me of chrono trigger, it feels stuck at the start until you get use to it.
Great music, but there is some to complain about. The game is too linear not bad but it starts to slowly get repetive since your playing it for like 5 hours to get everything possible
Wanted to round it so badly, well sandbox just barely makes it a 10 for me :)