Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

This is such a great game >___< I loved the whole game play and the functions u put into this game ^^
But i think that u should put a medal for each Achievement XD

I really loved this game! (Well, anyone can see how many stars I put for the rating...)
The graphics, music, and sound effects are awesome! I play with voice off, so there's nothing to say, and the plot is OK. Maybe if you do a sequel or remake add more difficulty modes? (Maybe a "middle"-leveled mode with inspections every other month?)

Thank you, game is wonderful. But there is a bug about terrain spawn. One time i'm stack closed at portal by rivers, so you terrain can spawn with closed locations, this must be repaired.

All medals are in HARD MODE

This is quite a concept you've got going here. Something original--something that you don't tend to see much anymore--I would love to see this funded by a game company and turned into a full fledged console game. I mean it, you really should look into getting published.

I suppose what you're looking for is a review, though. So here you are:

The animation? Effing brilliant. Both the illustrations outside of missions and the pixelated sprite characters/background art during missions are superb. I'd even go as far as to say flawless. The only complaint I have in this area is that the students ALL LOOK THE SAME. It does get a bit boring to have the same student with a different name over and over, but hey, that shit takes work.

Audio. Dude. I don't even. . . Everything from the voices to the birds and waterfalls in the background to the noise that you get when you click--they all sound perfect and blend together well.
Being a Digital Arts and Design student, I know the amount of work involved in sound recording. It's a tedious and frustrating process, but none of these sounds all are of high quality. They definitely don't sound like some random noises you downloaded from some site. They sound legitimately recorded. The voices, in particular, don't sound corny or overemphasized. No complaints here.

Gameplay is perfect for what this game is supposed to be. I dunno what else to say, really. Awesome stuff.