Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"


Another great game :D

calificate as a DS game

men i played DS for a long time and i`ll never seem a more cool game the only thing who annoy me it was each 4 weeks come calificame my work if you can aplass the time i go to thank you very much.

P.S. the game its awesome on realy

really good!!

man was about time for a good game

Amazing game!

It could definitely use a more in-depth grade system like specific class advancements. Maybe even teachers from maxed out students that improve student stats when brought along to quests. Some trigger spells like AoE heals and damage could be nice. And this is just me nit-picking, but maybe a way to organize the student roster.

Overall great game, though!
I give it a thumbs up, homes!

One of the best games ever

This is one of the best games ever on newgrounds