Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"


You really need to take your time playing RPGs but anyway, it was really fun!

Been here for HOURSZ

Most addicting game evaahh!

very good

very good game only problems are that the apprentice shows up too random and is too strong, and medals keep repeating every time (like steady income every day when you reach 600g/week)


this is the best RPG I've ever played! loved every detail 100/5 1000/10 (wish I could give those scores)

Very addictive

I played non stop until I reached year 3, month 7, it just got really hard keeping up with the fame, sadly I only needed one more tourny win for the medal but ah well, I am sure I will play through it again.The apprentice is crazy hard also. Anyway it's well made and the characters offered a nice variety. I do wish the characters you could enroll had diffrent looks and perhaps have more abilities to control spells, but other than that it was a solid game.