Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

I only needed 7 fame to get the 1st year perfect!

This game is awesome, but it has just so many minor flaws that you can't work around. Like the fame system. SEVEN FAME. Also, combat AI for both enemies and allies is terrible. The party management system really ought to allow you to both HAVE MORE THAN ONE PARTY and have less than 4 members at a time in each. The achievements, aside from medals, really ought to reward you some how. Like a fame or gold bonus. Leveling characters ON FIELD would be helpful. Seriously though, SEVEN FAME?!?!

Waiting For The Upgrade!!

Good Game but a little boring when i have got level 30!

A day worth three years

The graphics are great, all the sound effects and music are very interesting, and i can't complain about the mechanics.
I mean... i though of complaining of the fact of some of my players getting jammed near a pond sometimes, but after i attracted a bunch of wolves to the edge of the pond just to switch player for someone that was already on the other side of the pond and then press shift, so i can calmly shoot all of the wolves to death, i though that maybe the mechanic wasn't that bad, it only need some strategic working.
Last game i played with that style of gameplay was "princess maker 2", and that was a long time ago, nice to see it's possible to make something that big in flash.
Sad it didn't had any special endings but i do understand that it would be really though of pulling out since there's no way to set an ending year if the players want to compete for points the longer they can.


Its sort of like Persona 4's Social system.. well only when you think about it. I mean to be honest i have played these sort of games to command players do quests get money and then the aspect that makes them all differential is the side kick of the premise. In this case its that your a principle and that's neat. Its charming and has boat loads of replayability and additional content. I Enjoyed assigning my Minions "Uhamm" High school darlings to screw some monsters and get awarded only to have more of them and a better school. The visuals while only in battle does the actual graphics show is still impressive. The interface and just the polish is awesome. Also if i could by the soundtrack of this game i would. Though hearing those brats yell out roger, coming etc bugged me. (Reminded me of Valkyrie Chronicles) But i have to show my love for the love that got put in to this Great game.


better than exspected