Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

To beat the apprentice you will need an range unit and then get the apprentice to the other side of an obstacle (ex. water) then just wait for your range unit to kill it :D

My Team 10 on everything:
Sam the Duelist
Britney the Magilancer
Jessie the Mirage Caster
Tim the Dragoon
Paulitine the Sorceress
Flare the Gunslinger
Felix the Apprentice (No Class)
Sora the Mana Scholar (No Class)

nice game. Very cute :)

I actually loved this game. The art's pretty crisp, the music is awesome; some people have compared it favorably to Valkyria Chronicles and I agree (although I think this game is actually better in a lot of ways).

The only problem I'm having is one of scale; right around the second year, it starts becoming mathematically impossible to meet the fame requirements within a month and it gets worse the longer the game goes on, especially when you meet the Apprentice and he stomps your party flat with no LP gain at all.

Great game! The graphic, along with the art style, is pleasant. The game play reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles in that it is an academy which trains soldiers through training battles. The characters could also grow and become different classes, which are the most wonderful part to me since I'm a huge fan a job system.

The only thing is...I don't know if I were unlucky or lucky, but twice I played I encountered the apprentice the first battle. The 2nd time I played I ran into apprentice for the first two battles! The random encounter of extremely strong opponent reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics (random encounter, no warning ahead, no flee from the battle). This could be a frustration. While it does provide a huge portion of experience, if one succeeds in defeating it probably through abusing the AI, it still takes way too long to defeat it. I think this needs modification.