Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"


the fame dosent work!!! i have the character that in demand and i dont even gain fame!!!

Very good ground work

Loved the arts, the music and the sprites. Also the game play.

Would have loved even more if it would not be just a game against time ( or lack of ), since requirements just get higher to a level where they become unachievable.

Have gotten all medals and runes within first 3 years, but would have expected a bit more when having all runes achieved, like e.g. 'You beat the game'. Some kind of reward for putting so much time into it. A bit annoying that the game pops up all the time with 'Medal gained' for NG medals, instead of remembering those settings.

A story mode would do this game real justice. To fight against certain opposing schools/universities with their principals. Like e.g. a mix of 'Rival Schools' and the Pokemon principle. A win-tournaments-in-a-row bonus would be great, in terms of money and LP. So you can rather suffice to the kings hightening demands, instead of just getting 400 LP per won tournament. Top of the notch could of course also be a tournament tree that you follow throghout the year against rival schools.

A bit of clumpsy coding, since the maps just go into abusing mode. That is, pick a high level student, and 2-3 low-level ones, jump into a Melee level ( Wolves give best XP ), and run as fast as you can behind some water, while 'SHIFT' warping your students out of danger. ( Basically same tactic as 'Abusing the apprentice' ) Enemies should spot, that they are running all the time on one place, and have some more random logic behind that when they see they cannot get forward.

Still, this game will be one of my favorites. I love the feeling and the style, and I hope there will be a second part with the mentioned improvements by the community. Thumbs up!

PS: The wiki is of a lot of great help. 3 Sorceress + Mirage Caster is the strongest team for any tournaments. ( Normally not required, just 2-3 high-level scors will do + low level player to gain some EXP ). Also 4 star hunt missions give you more than 5 star ones, and graduating non-evolved students gives more fame as they have a 1.3x multiplier ( except for current months target group with 1.5x multiplier ),

Had lots of fun for hours

Charming little game. Fun, though sometimes hard to pass the monthly requirement in the game. Music, voice acting and gameplay all pretty good. The medals dont work though.....

Love it

This game was super cute and tons of fun to play. All the art of all the classes was amazing.

I just wish there was a bit more plot to it. But great game overall!


Really good and addicting game Hope you make a sequel.
It was kinda weird that you could have only one errand quest or hunt quest per month. Oh and the graphics are great
Not perfect but almost.