Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

I think the only problem is that the ranged AI needs to stay a little behind the melee characters, and you should have a "Taunt" ability for Dragoons and Magilancers so your other chars don't get railed on when trying to level them up.

Other than that I think the game has an amazing makings for a real life RPG it's great and original and with a great story line and more classes/quests/variety can easily be a hit. Good luck!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

I found it quite boring.... but the voices were cute.. I guess.

Still tons of fun <3

Great game!
I had lots of fun figuring out the different classes and optimizing my LP gain haha.

The only down side is that all it takes is a little basic micro and 5 star hunts become basic. Once you realize that, the rest is easy and repetitive. But the concept is brilliant!

Good job