Reviews for "Valthirian Arc"

Interesting idea

And put together pretty well.

I had a chuckle when I sent a bunch of level 1 students on the "Be Dragon Bait" mission and got the "Kind-Hearted Principal" medal as a result...

Really Good!

Nice job dudes, congrats!

...can't belive it...

NG and game programmers... could you imagine how hard it's been to get the perfect first year?
I sold evry powerful characters that I trained to satisfy the king's requests, fought battles of more than 30 mins using males and females students against wolves with 3 stars.
And then...? No medal, just nothing!
Anyway... the game is original so I'll give 5/5... reactivate that f*****g medal and please let me know.

lucidrine responds:

Really? The medal didn't work? Strange... o_o


This game rules! I love it! Its awesome!

Epic game!

I'm just here to report a giltch : When I have FanFan(Orignial Name),and kill the Apprentice in Hard Mode,FanFan have a hell lot of learning points(which is more than enough for level 30).

Wow.I'm gonna increase your score just to make you happy =)