Reviews for "Theia"

thiz shizzle iz the bizzle, should be 10* for the bizzlers behind it

awesome job on this. 5 stars for you brother.

I have kind of a major flaw to point out - something other people might not think is a big deal, but I sure do.

Your interactions with the environment are fairly obviously grid-based; but the player can't see the grid. If you're going to penalize the player with death and only give a certain number of lives, at least help me know ahead of time where I can and cannot walk. The lack of grid visibility, combined with the angle of view, creates the feeling that item hitboxes are too large (as in the case where I am clearly not touching a rock yet it is impeding my progress) or too small (as in the case where I am clearly walking directly into a boulder yet because I am not Exactly centered I can't push it).

Try a top-down view next time, I think you'll save a lot of people headaches.

I gave you an extra half-star for the artwork, it's very good.

This game isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn good. I played all the way through and had a ton of fun. I have a feeling the developers really enjoyed working on this project.

Aesthetically, it's excellent. The artwork and animations vary in detail and smoothness, but the visuals all look really neat on the whole, and the music and sound effects helped thoroughly immerse me in the game world. (The grunts of those big-handed guys started to really get to me after Voly got smacked by them enough times... but that was part of the fun!) I also like the plot, and enjoyed encountering all the different kinds of enemies, big and small. Everything has a cute, slightly childish feel to it, which I really love.

The perspective from which stages are viewed and the hit areas of the various objects made navigation tricky at first, but I gradually got more comfortable with everything as I played. There were times when I wished things were clearer, but it was also fun to figure out how the environment worked, which was a significant part of the game's difficulty for me.

Speaking of difficulty, this gets really hard! I was about ready to pull my hair out over the challenges presented by some of the later stages. But the combination of solving the puzzles and performing the tricky maneuvers this game requires is a joy to experience... a borderline-masochistic joy, perhaps, but a joy nonetheless. In any case, I'm glad I stuck it out to the end and got to see everything the game has to offer.

There are some slightly irritating bugs - scores can drop below zero, but a negative sign is never displayed (I thought the scoring system was broken until I realized this); Voly once got stuck in place near the edge of an obstacle, forcing me to restart the stage I was playing - but for the most part, the game plays beautifully.

It would be great if those bugs were fixed, but they aren't game-compromising, and don't change the fact that this game exhibits a lot of creativity and is really fun. I can definitely see myself playing it again and trying to finish with fewer deaths and a higher score.

Thanks for a great game!

Hard to get anywhere,but fun

It is hard to give any criticism that almost everyone else has pointed out. Stuck on ten, and chris-marks seems to no longer be a part of Newgrounds, so the walkthrough is unavailable.