Reviews for "Theia"


The animation was good, but it interfered with gameplay too much. Poor, or rather, unintuitive hit detection rendered some levels nearly unplayable.

good music :)

i didnt care much for the gameplay itself. I loved the idea, and the concept and the world, but it got tedious and too much like a chore than game. Make a Theia 2 regardless!!

looks pretty =P

really good animation, but most of it is just walk along then "back sideways forward back sideways forwards I think I've made it! no ¬_¬ start again." with help from a very slight lag level 9 was so annoying I've become mentally unstable. the amount of times I found myself asking how the **** I was getting stuck behind a crystal I was clearly to the side of or something similar... after that though there wasn't much else. the bosses introduced a speed element but apart from that its just dodging shit repeatedly.
the game is well made, and parts are fun, its just too repetitive, and annoys the crap out of ya.

Great Concept... Rediculously Hard

I give the game a 6 due to the fact I love puzzles... however, the execution is what's lacking due to lag and minor hiccups. The puzzles themselves werent hard to figure out, but just executing it was a pain... best example lvl 28 (i think) thin roads on lava map with the raddish throwers.

Anyway... there are certain maps that you are expected to fail multiple times before getting it right. 1st boss was terrible, towards the end you start lagging so bad you just lose unless you know the map/directions, Last Boss is impossible unless you do it multiple times and remember the sequences.

Overall, pretty good concept/design... but a fail to succeed method is really not fun... its actually frustrating.

I love puzzle games

But with 33 lvls, only a few are challenging for the mind.
Then, I have nothing against some difficult-to-do tricks. But nearly half of the game is just that : some movement tricks.
I can't beat the last boss. I think it's not worth it. Too bad I can't see the end but i am tired of smashing buttons.

Now, I am going to be a bit harsh and compare this game to another one : Tomb raider. You may as well choose some other adventure games but let's take Tomb raider. Well, in tomb raider, you need more reflexion and as much (or even less ?) finger skills to beat the game entirely. That point makes me think that this game isn't really a puzzle game.
I really think of this game as a platform game, but without platforms...

My word : decrease the skills needed to beat the game. It's just too hard for nothing. The lava boss for example : you have to perform a perfect course with maybe half a second of error ? Seriously... Ok, the game is harder like this, but it's an annoying difficulty. You aren't more proud of beating the level. But you are angrier and more bored beacause it took you several try with the good technic.

In a nutshell : good base for a game, but smells artificially increased difficuty. Not really a puzzle game. Not worth spending too much time if you are stuck.