Reviews for "Theia"

Good, but...

*---Alright, first of all, the fact that you have lives makes zero sense, since everything you do is reset every time you die anyway (which I don't think should be the case, by the way; only when you hit Shift). There's no reason to care about losing your "last life". Puzzle games really don't need 'lives' anyway, unless you wanna make the player tear their hair out.
*---Like someone mentioned, the 3D looks nice, but it makes the two dimensional movement unwieldy and inaccurate. Either make the character move entirely freely and smoothly, or make him move in an obviouse blocklike pattern. The whole slow-walking tap-the-key-and-he-takes-several-step s-forward makes things tough. I hate when games do that. That make any sense?
*---Other than these things, the first 11 stages were fine, especially the last couple, which were fun and interesting to figure out.
*---But then came the first boss! It seemed like it was gonna be a cool chase until I realized that dying once brings me all the way back to the beginning. I suppose that would be okay if the stage wasn't entirely based off of trial and error alone. You almost *have* to die and memorize what to do, because the level consists of pushing up against the border of the level, turning and diving underground, hoping you made the right choice. If you didn't, you die. Start over.
*---Like the guy below me, I quit right on that level after I kept dying near the big cabbage patch after the maze part. For multiple reasons, that one part was extra annoying. Not in a challenging way. Just poorly designed.
*---The game looks like it got a lot of love in it, and it's interesting, definitely. Like the others say, you're on the right track. You just need to tweak this game some to make things work.

pissed me off

at the spider boss thing you made it to frustrating. just work on some things such as the scroll speed and such but it made me quit early in the game due to some of the animation and the spider creature.

Not too bad...

Theia reminds me of certain strange American animations that were done during the 60s, 70s or 80s. One in particular comes to mind, Wizards, created by Ralph Bakshi. The cute characters and the "help the earth" themes seem to be there.

The game itself however is sorely lacking. While puzzle games are designed to be figured out, there are certain techniques which should be given freely to the player, such as ideas about how to sneak around a monster, or at the very least an idea of what each monster does.

It seems kind of a waste of time to bother with lives. The music was gorgeous though and seemed to promote the themes. My sentiments echoes those of other reviewers, in that without a degree of intuitiveness or maybe a hint dropped here or there, the game proves too frustrating to play.


I would like to play this Alot more because it has medals But the combonation of 2d and 3d gameplay is really annoying and hard to control

Not much fun

While I loved the artwork, the actual gameplay was frustrating and not very engaging. Having level password instead of an autosave feature wasn't a great idea either, IMO.