Reviews for "Theia"


Adorable game. Very cute character. I love the underground ability. Although I'm already stuck on Level 3- how DO I get past the rocks, on solid ground? I'm Favoriting it so I can easily come back to try again.---I'll be looking for more of your works. Great job.

Decent game

I must say your game has very good graphics and sounds.
However, as said before the controls act a bit weird sometimes.
I better get bad and good stuff apart, so:
+The game was beatable, very hard at the end tough.
+fluid graphics

-some of the obstacles are not clear to see, or better said you barely can make out where your char stops, like said before, you can get stuck at the far edge of a crystal -> which leads to annoying deaths. it's even worse when you need to speed around a corner.
-last boss battle: it was hell. really...hell. i got it because i tried like 50+ times and just got through the quicktimeevents by knowing what i need to do.
The time to react was ridiculously short.
-stones n' eyes: on the last level before the endboss you need to place some stones in front of the eyes. however the horizontal placing was a bit tricky because you barely can see where to place the stone. it was like the graphics were 2D.

All in all a quite good game. you got good ideas with the planet, the plot etc.
I'll give out 7 stars how about that.

i'm having problems to

i couldn't help to notice the zeros below me so i'm giving my thoughts, i've already play the game before and i didn't have this flash upgrade problem and now i came here to play it again to remember, thats why i'm giving a 9 score.
it´s a shame actually because alot of gamers are giving a 0 score and they don't know the beautiful game they are missing and giving a bad score.

i've played the game in the house of a friend of mine and the game work just fine but he's running on windows xp and now i'm running on windows 7 before i wasn't, i don't know if theres any connection or not i'm just trying to give clues to help out, because i say it again the game is beautiful and fun to play, it needs improvements in the gameplay like you could allow him to run, jump, flip rocks, plants or objects (just ideas) and i think that you need to improve the notion of space (dimensions) because sometimes it's hard to know if you are infront or behind of something or not

now to close i just want to ask when will you do Theia 2?

Toonimated responds:

We are very sorry for the inconvenience! There was indeed a bug in the flash version checker, so we just removed it.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! We really appreciate it! There are no plans of a sequel as of now though, but you never know, stay tuned!

I cannot understate how bad the controls are.

This is an excellent concept. It truly is. And it has so much going for it, from the creative character designs to the luscious graphics and beautiful music. BUT, all of that is undermined by some of the sloppiest controls and frustratingly bad hit detection ever to appear in a flash game. North-South movement is far too slow compared to east-west movement, even considering that it's not a true top-down view. Movable boulders won't budge unless you're right in the center. Bubbas (those big orange guys) can kill you even when you're standing just north of where their hands hit. And Level 9 was certainly a nightmare to get through, considering that it is extremely likely that you'll get caught on the edge of a crystal even when your path is approximately 95% unblocked.

And all of this especially saddens me because this looks like it could have been an incredible game, but all of these glitches compound until all the fun is sucked out of it. If you decide to make a sequel to this game, you must, you ABSOLUTELY MUST, fix these problems.

Wow, O.O


I'm not good at judging stuff, but I'll give you a 8 ^^