Reviews for "Theia"

@Those COmplaining about Difficulty

This is a puzzle game, it's suppose to challenge you. The hardest game keeps you thinking -- Making it a great game. Kids these days think you have to beat a game in one sitting. Most good challenging puzzles cannot be done in one sitting.


to hard maybe you should havve gave voly attcks or something

to difficult

I know this is a puzzle game and everything. But whats the point in making it so difficult? Like I know were your trying to go, as is the sense that your trying to test our skills in solving puzzles, but dont make it impossible. Like I know there are people who are going to read this and think Im just a kid who cant think and solve a simple puzzle, but thats just because they can I cant. And I understand that.. But there are other kids like me, Im not the only one who will complain about these things. But Im just saying, but dont get me wrong its a nice game and everything, plus nice story. Thats why I couldnt bring my self to give it any lower stars. So for those kids like me or just for those kids that are just to dumb to figure out lv 11, dont make it so difficult.

Well, let's see...

The story was pretty interesting.
The idea was nothing incredibly original, but it was okay.
The music was very good.
As someone already said, the free-walking style should be changed to a grid-snap. (It became annoying to move rocks after trying three times)
I only played to the first boss, but it seems like it was purely trial and error, no skill involved. (But to be fair, this is a puzzle game)
The levels were pretty challenging, which is a good and a bad thing. (It sucked dieing three times to discover there was a small area where I was safe and could dig under)
Someone had suggested a bird's eye view, which would have been much better.

don't know a suitable title, sorry

It's a great game. It looks really nice. Sometimes the keys won't respond, but that happens rarely. Some levels I was unable to pass no matter how hard I tried. And the not responsive keys in the last level was a bit of a problem, but I made it. So all in all a good game ;)!