Reviews for "Theia"

Two Questions. PLEASE ANSWER!

What is going on with Lost In A Dream?

What is going on with your website?

Toonimated responds:

lost in a dream.... well, never got any funding so... no mor production..

website here- www.lazulistudio.com


this is coolll very coolll man %u0131 like %u0131t


A great game for people who like Tactical, or strategy games, puzzled me though, I haven't brought myself to finishing it. 5/5 10/10


yea its true it is a puzzle game but look at karoshi suicide salary man
that is a puzzle game too and its easily beatable

9/10 cuz...

beat it but some levels WAYYYY hard but thank u for the level code cuz that helped a lot from day 2 day(y day 2 day have to share the comp w like 4/5 other ppl and then ppl coming over cuz of spring break sooo..but overall AWSOME game!){LOVE the ending!! lol}

Toonimated responds:

thanks! great to know you made it until the ending! at least some few and brave reached the end!