Reviews for "Theia"

Heres the problem

Some of these levels are very difficult, which is fine. But it should not cost a life to restart because sometimes you just make one little mistake. Then its hard to get points because every time you die your points get taken away. It doesn't really seem fair that you lose your hard earned points. Nice idea but not a very good representation.

Yeah...about this game...

This game is okay. Honestly, the opening was cheesy, and the game got too progressively harder with every level. I may be unwilling to give up, but when I see there's about fifty levels, and I can't figure out level five within ten minutes, you can bet it's not worth it to play this game.

Awesome game

Why is it only rated a 3.69 when it should be saying 4.33 , this game is addicting and unique. Good story and the gameplay and graphics were preety good. Keep up the good work!

Toonimated responds:

help us by voting 5 everyday for all of your life... nah just faving it will be enough!

thnx for the comments


why when im pushing a rock towards the eye thingy it kilss me :(

Toonimated responds:

he's mean


And how can this game be in the power of three thingie? Toonimated, Do you have three heads?

Toonimated responds:

yup we do