Reviews for "Theia"


Cool concept Horrible Horrible controls


look it was well made and had a good story line and i managed to get to level 7 but the controll's were stiff like when u moved a stone it took a while for that game to regester that thats what you were trying to do im sorry it was just to hard- i went at every posible angle and way to progress from lv7 but it was as if everytime one of those monsters slaped me the game was saying "hahaa u cant get past lv7 nooob" >___< music was good thou :D

its ok

its pretty good but lvl 5 is to hard so you might want to get rid of that slow sand cause it would take a genius to beat this game and thats why im giving you a rating of 8


I couldn't even pass level 3, lol.
This game is very hard... and, I'm sorry, but the controls also aren't as desirable.

I want to like this, but I can't

The design is very appealing, but the controls for our lovably flat-footed protagonist are terrible, the learning curve is merciless and the music is cloying.

You should never have to kill yourself to reset a level in a game, and wandering around in the trenches in the early level makes me wonder why this poor bastard didn't set out with a shovel or a ladder. Or pants. It takes pants to go to the center of the earth, doesn't it?

Basically, I'm stuck here in this ditch on level four, I've killed myself three times already, and either I'm an idiot or this game is too hard. I really, really want to like this game, but "I'm an idiot or this game is too hard" just isn't a choice a casual gamer wants to be faced with.