Reviews for "Time Sphere"

Nice =)

Great game. The jump is just a bit boring.


Well logical cross games are not my favorite perhaps that s why I am stuck on 8 level. I think I am supposed to freeze death machine but I get killed no matter I freeze or not.


totally fun man and really addictive, i didnt want to waste time but this made me!

only thing that was REALLY annoying was the clickable link to funzone, it makes you die

Very original!

Oozes more originality than all of the stupid puns in the reviews about their clocks not stopping!

I started the game expecting to simply avoid dangers with time freezing, but man was stopping springs and stopping crates from breaking even more exciting to add to the twist!

I hope you make another, I'm sure you'll come up with even more creative ways, or maybe have the character switch guns to one which speeds up time... gasp! XD

good game

i have got to level 20 yay!!!!!!!!!!!