Reviews for "Time Sphere"

like the time sphere idea

I got to say that the beginning levels were harder then the last ten. By then I figured out how to use the time sphere to my advantage, levels seem to easy after that. One of the levels in the 20's can be done with just one time sphere. Try to give levels more obstacles and it would be a great game.

Eggy responds:

I think you're the only one I've seen to say the end is easier lol

hmmm... its unplayable for me

first of all, i'm gonna rate 7 so your score isn't altered for a simple bug.
second, said bug is that the time bubble or whatnot doesn't work for me.
i shoot it and it doesn't expand and stop things in their track. meaning that level 2 is very luck based and level 8 is plain impossible. could you please ether repair that annoying bug or something.
id like to say that your game very interesting and is probably worth more than 7 but I cant review a game I can barely play. all in all thank you in advance for the response pointing the problem, saying that you're gonna work on it or simply say that you have no idea what is the problem.
p.s. I tried reseting. didnt do shit :(

Eggy responds:

Works for everyone else. Maybe you needa update your flash player?

Fun game.

Fun time manipulator puzzle game. I've seen its type before, but the game is still pretty solid. I enjoyed it. On another note... how the hell did GTbastard beat level 8? I mean... without the gun... you just can't...

Get your damn advertisments off the playing screen

I enjoyed the game but the amount of times I clicked on you link in the top left and died -.-

It is quite good despite the unresponsive/clumsy controls, because the idea is great, and so is the music.

Eggy responds:

Hmm Thanks